Aeldari: Phoenix Lord Karandras (out of print metal)


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Karandras is one of the Aeldari Phoenix Lords. Each Phoenix Lord is the master of one of the Aspect Temples. No one knows where Karandras originally came from, but it is known that he was not the first Exarch of the Striking Scorpions.

The Karandras model is an unusual-looking addition to an Aeldari collection. He possesses a thick scorpion claw which contains an in-built shuriken pistol, and a long, segmented helmet featuring mandi-blasters. The helmet is topped with gems and features a long plume. He carries a chainsword that displays Aeldari symbols, and also carries plasma grenades.

This pack contains Phoenix Lord Karandras - a finely detailed metal kit that comes in two components, and is supplied with a 25mm round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly