Ashes Reborn: The Song of Soaksend - Deluxe Expansion Deck

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The Song of Soaksend deck, Featuring new Phoenixborn Namine Hymntide, is a full, ready-to-play Ashes expansion deck, including 10 sympathy dice AND a premium deckbox to hold sleeved cards, 10 dice and tokens.


1 Namine Hymntide - Phoenxiborn
10 sympathy dice
1 premium deckbox
1 reference card
3x Guilt Link
3x Summon Salamander Monk
2x Salamander Monk
3x Salamander Monk Spirit
3x Magic Syphon
3x Summon Squall Stallion
2x Squall Stallion
3x Encore
3x Shatter Pulse
3x Crescendo
3x String Mage
3x Flute Mage
3x River Skald