Emergents: Genesis – The Deckbuilding Game

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Emergents: Genesis is a new superhero, melee-style, multiplayer deckbuilding game.

Players take the role of an Emergent, a superhero with special abilities that have "emerged". The game is a fast-paced free-for-all deck builder where players hone their Emergent superpowers and attack their opponents to become the last Emergent standing.

Play Emergents: Genesis and discover the super powered world of the Emergents, filled with Moxie's hard-hitting StrongHarms, Professor Helios's fearsome Sculptors, Billy Stopless's fast-moving Non-Stops, and The Abyss's mysterious Acolytes - the four classes of heroes you can play in the game. Meet the students of The Phaeton Project, the world's leading superhero academy, and The Genesis Squadron, the world's first superhero team.