Infinity: Haqqislam - Al Hawwa' Unit (Sniper Rifle)

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Al Hawwa’ is a group of operatives specialized in combat and technological security during situations of covert activity. Among their many tasks, they work as secret security on board Haqqislamite ships carrying out the Silk Trade, remaining hidden amongst crew and passengers, collecting data until action is required. Usually they are detached to the strategic areas of the Exclusive Economical Zone of Haqqislam, which is under the control of the Sultan, even if their operating profile (which probably includes commercial espionage) allows them to travel across the entire Human Sphere. The Al Hawwa’ Unit has at its disposal advanced materiel and equipment, as it is sponsored, in part, by a cartel from the Silk Consortium, though it is unclear the level of influence it has over them and the operations they fulfill.