Infinity: Yu Jing- O-Yoroi Pilot

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Not so long ago, the Japanese sectoral army was still part of the Yu-Jing empire, the second most powerful force in the Human Sphere. However, they finally decided to stand against the State that considered them second class citizens.

Now, Yu-Jing begins to wobble and it’s miles away from getting to overcome his eternal rival, the vast PanOceania.

O-Yoroi Kidobutai Pilot is not only a perfect pilot for the samurai TAG, a robot of gigantic dimensions conceived to run smoothly in urban environments, but she’s also a lethal soldier, who doesn’t hesitate to get out of her wick, wield her katana and smash anyone who crosses her way. She’s incredibly agile and dominates her weapon impeccably. Death doesn’t scare her.

Bust made of high quality resin, composed of 6 pieces