Monsterpocalypse: Masters of the 8th Dimension Monster - The Preceptor

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It would be understandable for anyone living through the Monsterpocalypse to be baffled by the forces arrayed on both sides. Of all those fighting over the future of Earth, the Masters of the 8th Dimension are surely the strangest. No formal dialog has been established with these beings, and their origin is not entirely understood, but their motivations are clear. There was one broadcast across all channels when they first appeared; they explained their goal as if speaking to children. They bear humanity no ill will, but they seek to eliminate the multiverse. The beings who pilot these great constructs that are capable of stepping from one reality to another as easily as you or I would cross the street have tired of the myriad versions of reality and the noise it causes in their senses. They see the Monsterpocalypse as the focal point of much of that disturbance and have started their war with all of reality here. The first shot of that war was fired by The Preceptor, the leader of their forces and the monster sent to start teaching the universe to behave.

The Preceptor is a monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. This angular fiend is capable of Redirecting enemy fire back at its opponents and has a Devitalizing presence. The Kinetic Distortions that emanate from this extra-dimensional construct cause reality to weaken around it. When it goes hyper, it makes Rapid Fire attacks with its massive arm cannons, and every shot it makes Siphons power from its enemy.