Playin Possum Game

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AGES 8+ | 2-10 PLAYERS: Fun for couples and large groups!
GREAT PARTY GAME: It’s like a 10-player version of Rock, Paper, Scissors (but it’s fun for just a couple of players too)
PERFECT GIFT OR TRAVEL GAME: Unique plastic trashcan serves as a sturdy storage bin
HOW TO PLAY: Select one of your three cards to play on each round: steal trash, play it safe, or accuse another player of stealing. If you choose to accuse another player of snatching garbage, and you’re right they’re out of the game. But if you’re wrong, you’re the one who gets dumped! Play multiple rounds until one player remains. The player with the most pieces of trash wins! It’s a fast, fun card game you can’t . . . refuse!
INCLUDES: 30 Linen-finish Possum Cards, 25 Linen-finish Garbage Cards, Plastic Trashcan Storage Container, Illustrated Instructions