Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 4.5 Paldean Fates - Meowscarada ex Premium Collection


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Embrace Stealth and Strategy: Meowscarada ex Premium Collection Awaits!

Step into the shadows with the Pokémon TCG: Paldean Fates Premium Collection featuring Meowscarada ex. This collection is a must-have for trainers who admire the cunning and agility of Meowscarada.

What's Inside:

Eight Booster Packs: Unwrap eight Paldean Fates booster packs, teeming with potential allies and powerful cards.
Three Shiny Cards: In addition to two general Shiny promo cards, you'll receive the star of this collection – a Shiny Meowscarada ex promo card.
Oversize Shiny Meowscarada ex Card: A special oversize version of the Shiny Meowscarada ex card is included, perfect for display.
Three-Card Display Stand: Showcase your prized cards with an included three-card display, making this collection not just a game-changer but also a stunning showpiece.
Why You Need This Collection:

The Meowscarada ex Premium Collection is perfect for collectors and players who seek a blend of elegance and power in their Pokémon battles.
It offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of the Paldean Fates series, featuring one of its most elusive and captivating Pokémon.