Talisman, 4th Edition: The City Expansion

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For the brave travelers seeking the Crown of Command, the City is a place of both great potential and great peril. Wandering the streets, a visor will find master artisans, affluent merchants, remorseless criminals, and mysterious strangers. Among its grand towers and bustling streets, shops offer armor, weapons, mounts, and more. Enchanted objects, potions, and spells can be found for sale. Mind and body can be strengthened through training, and fortunes can be foretold.

For the traveler with some gold to spend, a visit to the City can give him the edge to survive in the most dangerous regions of the land. The opportunities one has within the City's walls may make the difference between life and death in the Valley of Fire!

1 Rulebook
1 City Board
82 City Cards
12 Armory Cards
12 Pet Cards
16 Magic Emporium Cards
16 Potion Cards
8 Stables Cards
18 Wanted Poster Cards
4 Neutral Alignment Cards
3 Alternative Ending Cards
6 Character Cards & Plastic Figures

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 90 minutes