Tanith Wall Hanging Banner

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Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt is truly a legend of the Imperium – and for good reason. Assigned to what would become the first, and only, regiment raised from the forests of Tanith before it was destroyed, Gaunt earned the loyalty of his troops and channelled their vengeful rage, honing them into some of the finest scouts and killers in the Astra Militarum.

Take home a piece of Tanith’s history with this canvas banner, ready to hang on your bunker walls – or maybe just your bedroom. This high-quality print is A2-sized, or 420mm by 594mm if you prefer. It hangs from a plastic dowel with thick black cord and features heavy stitching, the Tanith icon, rendered in the proper colours, plus the name and motto of this legendary regiment.

The Tanith Regimental Banner is limited in number. As such, this item is only available while stocks last.