Soviet LW Tank Shock Group Army Deal

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Comrade soldiers! Today we fight for the very survival of International Communism and for the soul of the Motherland. The long struggle for the freedom of the workers and peasants continues as the RKKA, our glorious Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, smashes the fascist hordes, annihilating them where they stand and pursuing them to the viper’s nest from whence they came!

Soviet Tank Shock Group includes:
• Six plastic T-34 (76mm) tanks
• Five plastic T-70 tanks
• Three Plastic KV tanks
• Four SU-85 (85mm) Assault Guns
• Four Katyusha Rocket Launchers
• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One Soviet "Start Here" Guide
• Twelve Unit cards.
The units in the Soviet Tank Shock group have a combined points value of 74 points.