The Longest Day. D-Day Battle-Set

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Go ultimate, with the D-Day collector's edition. Everything you could possibly want within this perfect battle set, to recreate your invasion of Europe this 75th D-Day anniversary.

Beachhead Assault! - D-Day collectors edition contains

The Longest Day - D-Day battle-set

Barbed Wire
Shell holes and craters Resin
Sandbag emplacement
LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel - Higgins Boat
US LCVP machine gun crew (metal)
Sherman V Duplex Drive (lowered screens)
US Generic Vehicle Decals
Coastal Defence bunker (italeri)
German Heer 20mm flakvierling 38 AA-gun (1943-45)
German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45)
German Pionier with Goliath
Luftwaffe Field Division Flak 37
Ruined Hamlet
Dead Horses
Dead Cows
US Army 81mm medium mortar
US Army FOO team
US Army 30 Cal MMG team redeploying
18 x German Grenadiers
6 x US Army Infantry Plastic Frame
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted