A Billion Suns Interstellar Fleet Battle

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A Billion Suns Interstellar Fleet Battle.

A tabletop miniatures game of intense starship combat between fleets of powerful cruisers, sleek destroyers, and agile fighters.

A Billion Suns is a wargame of interstellar combat that puts you in command of fleets of powerful starships, from squadrons of agile, but fragile, fighters, to hulking and powerful capital ships. Choose your vessels from pre-existing classes then customize them to create your own sub-classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and armament, from accurate torpe- does to devastating macro-cannon. Using simple dice pool mechanics, you must carefully manage your resources and seize the opportunities that come your way in order to lead your fleet to victory and assert your dominance over the stars.

Created by the designer of the multi-award winning Gaslands, who is incredibly active within the wargames community.
Supported by a wide range of miniature manufacturers, including Brigade Models, Antenociti’s, Warcradle, Hawk Wargames etc. far too many to list!
There is no overly dominant game for this genre on the market, and many of the existing sets are rather old. While this means there is competition rules-wise, there’s also a large fanbase looking to take their fleets into new battles!