Aeronautica Imperialis Base Pack

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This pack contains six Aeronautica Imperialis Bases.

These can be used to adapt the following Legions Imperialis miniatures for Aeronautica Imperialis:
– Solar Auxilia Thunderbolt Fighters
– Solar Auxilia Marauder Bombers
– Solar Auxilia Marauder Destroyers
– Solar Auxilia Lightning Fighters
– Solar Auxilia Avenger Strike Fighters
– Adeptus Astartes Storm Eagle Squadron
– Adeptus Astartes Xiphon Interceptor Squadron
– Adeptus Astartes Fire Raptor Squadron
– Adeptus Astartes Thunderhawk Gunship
– Solar Auxilia Marauder Pathfinder Colossus
– Solar Auxilia Marauder Colossus Squadron
– Solar Auxilia Arvus Lighters
When using the miniatures listed above in games of Aeronautica Imperialis you may choose to use the faction name Imperial Navy instead of Solar Auxilia