Alien The Roleplaying Game: Colonial Marines - Operations Manual

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The ALIEN RPG Colonial Marines Operations Manual is a complete campaign module for the award-winning official ALIEN roleplaying game, giving players all the tools they need to run a full open-world campaign as the iconic Colonial Marines.

This 352-page book includes:

History & Organization – the inside story of the illustrious USCMC.
Creating Marines – expanded character creation rules for grunts of all kinds.
Weapons & Vehicles – an extensive chapter with new gear, gloriously illustrated.
The Frontier War – the framework and backstory for a Colonial Marines campaign.
Factions on the Frontier – the powers that be and their dark agendas.
Marine Missions – six thrilling missions for your Marines, playable in any order.
The Endgame – the showdown against a deadly enemy, finally revealed.
NOTE: The ALIEN RPG core rulebook is required to use this book.