American LW Combat Command Army Deal

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The US Army fights as a combined arms force of tanks, infantry and artillery— an’ I do mean combined. Every infantry division has a battalion of tanks attached, We’ve got artillery, an’ lots of it, at every level. It’s kept well supplied so it can fire day and night. It’s said the US artillery fires more rounds in a day’n most German units can fire in a whole campaign. We’ve also got plenty of radios, at all levels of command, meanin’ we’ve got a versatility on the battlefield that the Germans can’t hope to match, an’ our allies can only dream of.

American Combat Command includes:

• Two Plastic M4 Sherman (75mm) tanks
• Three Plastic M4 Sherman (75mm) or M4 Sherman (76mm) tanks
• Three Plastic M5 Stuart (37mm) tanks
• One Armored Rifle Platoon
• Five M3 Half-tracks
• Four Plastic M10 (3-inch) tank destoryers
• Three M7 Priest (105mm)
• Complete A5 Flames Of War rulebook
• One British "Start Here" Guide
• Two Decal Sheets
• Fiftteen Unit cards.

The units in the American Combat Command have a combined points value of 75 points.