Aristeia! Core

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175 years into the future, humankind has reached the stars. As the hyperpowers vie for influence in the shadows, citizens use their permanent connection to Maya, the interplanetary data network, to revel in a bespoke deluge of thrills. Of course, no form of entertainment is as sought after as Aristeia!, the Human Sphere's favorite extreme bloodsport.

Aristeia! is a two-player tactical action game. Take control of a team of four characters and fight for prizes and glory under the delighted gaze of a billion viewers. Coordinate your characters' unique moves to spectacular effect in a variety of exhilarating scenarios. Customize your tactics deck, field your favorite fighters, harness their unique abilities, and rise victorious in the hexadome arena!

8 Models
8 Character Cards
8 Initiative Cards
52 Tactics
14 Custom Dice
1 Double-sided Game Board
5 Barrier Makers
27 1-Damage Tokens
12 3-Damage Tokens
52 State Tokens
6 Red/Blue Tokens
6 Green/Orange Tokens
6 Red/Green Tokens
6 Blue/Orange Tokens
11 Victory POint Tokens
10 Frag Tokens
5 Tactic Markers
1 Underdog Token
1 Team Stickers Sheet
2 Control Panels
1 Reference Guide
1 How to Play
1 Access Guide to the Human Sphere