Arwen & Frodo

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The daughter of Lord Elrond, Arwen is destined to sail to the Undying Lands and live out her immortal life there. However, her love for Aragorn leads her towards a different fate, one where she must forsake the immortal life of her people and choose the mortal life of the race of Men. As the Third Age dwindles, Arwen must make her choice whether to sail into the west and live, or stay with one whom she loves and perish.

As an Elven maiden of noble birth, Arwen is skilled with a blade and in the magical arts of her people, making her an excellent all-rounder in battle. This model depicts her riding Asfaloth and making for the safety of Rivendell with great speed, bearing Frodo’s wounded form after his run-in with the Witch-king at Weathertop.

This miniature consists of 3 metal components and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Hex Hole Base.