Call of Cthulhu 7e: Keeper's Decks (4)

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These Keeper Decks are designed to provide in-game resources, handy references, and information. Use these decks to supplement scenarios, for inspiration when designing new encounters, to pass secret and important notes to players, and as a handy way to impart information. These decks can add new layers to plots, enhance the story, as well as introduce friendly or villainous non-player characters.

• The Phobia Deck: Detailing the effects and consequences of a phobia, mania, or episode of madness, each card describes and advises on the consequences of investigator insanity (48 cards).

• The Curious Characters Deck: A range of friends and foes, with game characteristics and backstories, providing additional NPCs and replacement investigators (48 cards).

• The Unfortunate Events Deck: All manner of strange, ill-fated, and disastrous situations that can affect, hinder, and trouble your investigators. Use in game ot add additional drama and upsets for your investigators (48 cards).

• The Weapons & Artifacts Deck:Detailing hand-to-hand weapons, firearms, and Cthulhu Mythos artifacts. Each card describes the weapon's game statistics, as well as supporting historical information (48 cards).