Cardfight Vanguard V: Special Series V Clan Collection Vol.5 Booster Pack

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English Edition Cardfight!! Vanguard V Special Series- V Clan Collection Vol.5.

The popular "Яeverse" units continue their invasion, with new "Яeverse" units joining the fray!

Between this product and V Clan Collection 6, all 24 clans will be featured!

The Tournament Boost Special PR Pack will be available for this product too!

A Special PR pack will be given with every 8 packs purchased at tournament-registered stores while supplies last!

"Яeverse" features:

SP of "Яeverse" units will have a special frame!
Based on a red and black theme to emphasize the "Яeverse" state!
Collect all the "Яeverse" units with the special frame!

Featured Clans:

Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Dimension Police
Spike Brothers
Pale Moon
Bermuda Triangle
Aqua Force

Product Details:

84 types of cards (36 new cards / 48 reissue cards) (RRR: 84)+ Parallels: 15 types (VSR: 3 + SP: 12)
VSR = Vanguard Secret Rar