Castle Panic: Crowns and Quests Expansion

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Crowns and Quests is the latest expansion for Castle Panic. Featuring 12 Characters with unique abilities, and 18 different Quests with their own tokens. Players must work together to complete 2 Quests in order to win the game.

12 Character Cards
18 Quest Boards
1 Tracker/Obelisk Tile
6 Vulkar’s Blast Tokens
3 Evacuees Tokens
1 Ambassador Token
1 Obelisk Token
7 Apocalypse Stone Tokens
1 Scout Token
6 Outpost Tokens
3 Scroll Tokens
6 Portal Tokens
6 Success/Fail Tokens
1 Tracker Token
1 Power Token
6 Tower Indicator Tokens
1 Flag Token
6 Order of Play Cards
1 Rulebook
9 Plastic stands
This is not a stand-alone game! This expansion requires Castle Panic or Castle Panic Deluxe to play.