Conan RPG: The Exiles Sourcebook

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Conan: The Exiles Sourcebook.

Based on the hit massively multiplayer online game and the award-winning roleplaying game! They strode out across the sandy waste as if he had just begun the journey. a barbarian of barbarians, the vitality and endurance of the wild were his, granting him survival where civilized men would have perished. Combining the gritty suspense of the online gaming with the fast action of the tabletop roleplaying game, Conan: The Exiles Sourcebook brings together the genres of deep and immersive character creation, survival gameplay, base building and improvement, hex crawl adventuring, and kingdom-level siege mechanics. Set in the world of the hit online title, Conan: The Exiles Sourcebook lets players experience the Exiled Lands firsthand, with unique content from that world allowing for a truly unique Conan roleplaying experience.