Crystal Clans: Light Clan Expansion Deck

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Summon the divine power of Light Clan to Crystal Clans. Light Clan forces opponent's to play by their rules, by setting up laws that all players must follow. Even the playing field with Arbiters of Peace and the Arbiters of War. Protect your squads with the Shimmerstone Clerics' Barrier ability. Use Light Clan's special ability - Prayer, to manipulate the initiative track or grab just the card you need at a crucial moment in battle.

A ready to play clan deck for Crystal Clans
Contains all new hero and common units
Control the rules of the game, bending them to your advantage
Set Contents:

1 - Avatar Kindara: Divine Hero
1 - Avatar Hondodi: Divine Hero
1 - Avatar Melelolu: Divine Hero
6 - Servants of the Light: Devout Common
6 - Priestesses of the Light: Devout Common
3 - Arbiters of Peace: Wise Common
3 - Arbiters of War: Wise Common
3 - Shimmerstone Clerics: Magic Common
3 - Radiant Paladins: Skilled Common