Cyberpunk 2020: Chromebook 1 & 2

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In this new compilation of the bestselling Chromebook series, we bring together our hit volumes 1 and 2 for a serious one-two punch!

Cyberware: New tech and new metal to maximize your character!

Vehicles: Cars, bikes, copters, AVs and - Dragons?

Softwear: Brainburning superware for cracking the toughest Data fortresses.

Weapons: Stopping power and style in dozens of potent packages!

Fashion 2000 Plus: Seductive Styles and Lethal Looks from Eji, Psiberstuff and other hot designers!

Exotics: New bio-bodyware to uncage the animal in you!

Services: When you absolutely, positively have to get it done - by someone else!

Housing: Because there's more to life than a Renta-cube!

Full Body Borgs: New Body Replacements for the Metal-Inclined!

Teams: Manpower for hire! No job too big! No contract too deadly!