Cyberpunk 2020: Rough Guide to the UK

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Rough Guide to the UK, subtitled, Riding the edge in 2020's Britain, is a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020 focusing on Britain after the end of martial law.

During the early 2000s the reigning Monarchy was usurped, the country divided up into several zones and martial law was established. Opinion of the ruling party was low and Scotland had erupted into open rebellion. After years of martial law an underground restoration movement sprung up and within a few years the Monarchy reigned once more.

Rough Guide to the UK outlines the state of the UK after the martial law was abolished, as well as the many various zones of the country, the Martial Law Authority, the ruling elite, the dark and dangerous corporations and the gangs that make up the country.

Several chapters of the book also detail the Media and their role in the war torn country, as well as a visitors guide, informing readers of the local good, clubs and pubs.