D&D, 5e: Deck of Many Things

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This 192-page book provides more details on the history of the Deck of Many Things. It also includes advice on using the deck in an existing DnD 5e campaign. For the first time in DnD history, the book also outlines the lore behind the Deck of Many Things and how Istus, the Goddess of Fate from the Greyhawk campaign setting created the legendary artifact. The book also includes the new “Cartomancer” feat, which allows players to infuse cards with spells (notably, this feat first appeared in the “Wonder of the Multiverse“ Unearthed Arcana playtest, which was released in July 2022). Additionally, there are two new backgrounds, 50 new magic items and 35 new monster statblocks. Finally, it also includes new locations, organizations and NPCs associated with the Deck of Many Things.