Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter is a meta-cooperative psychological survival game about surviving through a harsh winter in an apocalyptic world. The survivors are all dealing with their own psychological imperatives, but must still find a way to work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, find food and supplies, and keep the colony's morale up.
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Number of Players: 2-5
For Ages: 14+
Playing Time: 45-210 Minutes

10 Dual-Sided Main Objective Cards
25 Secret Objective Cards
10 Betrayal Secret Objective Cards
10 Exiled Survivor Secret Objective Cards
30 Survivor Cards
5 Player Reference Sheets
1 First Player Token
30 Starting Item Cards
20 Police Station Search Deck Cards
20 Grocery Store Search Deck Cards
20 School Search Deck Cards
20 Gas Station Search Deck Cards
20 Library Search Deck Cards
20 Hospital Search Deck Cards
1 Exposure Die
25 Crisis Cards
80 Crossroad Cards
20 Helpless Survivor Tokens
30 Once Per Round Tokens
20 Food Tokens
20 Noise Tokens
20 Barricade Tokens
30 Wound Markers
60 Standees
50 Standee Stands
1 Colony Board
6 Location Cards
1 Rulebook
30 Action Dice