D&D 5e: Adventures: Bones of the Companion

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Bones of the Companions invites only the bravest to save a city from damnation. The adventure is designed for mid to high-level player characters of levels 7 to 10. All character classes are useful though a paladin and cleric in the party would be advantageous. The adventure begins in a city, town, village or fortification and can be placed in any campaign setting. Bones of the Companions takes the characters from the basement of a recently deceased cleric to a place where “all Hell has broken loose.” The adventurers find themselves engaged in a struggle with powerful creatures in a monolithic maze for the dead.

Although Bones of the Companions can be played with just this module, it was inspired by several of Reaper’s miniatures and a map penned by Dyson Logos. Access to Reaper’s miniatures for the encounters brings life to the table for all players of the game. A list is provided but they are not necessary to play. It would be helpful for running the game to have a printer, pair of scissors and some graph stock to ‘construct’ the dungeon.

The party explores a crypt in a pocket universe which some demons have invaded. The crypt is constructed inside a cube in a pocket dimension. The crypt has a portal to the Abyss and demons have come through the portal after the death of a cleric who guarded the crypt. The characters are asked to investigate the source of a demon who recently rampaged through a city.

Bones of the Companions is an adventure designed for high-level play. It is suggested that the party have, minimally, 4 members with an average of 8th level. A mix of classes is necessary to successfully complete the adventure. It is nearly critical that cleric is a member of the adventuring party. It is especially useful if a paladin joins the fray.