Dungeon Craft: Cursed Lands

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Gather your players and sink into the dark realm of Barovia. In these Cursed Lands, you will build Castle Ravenloft and encounter the Castle’s Lord, the long-undead ever cruel Strahd. With our companion to Dungeons & Dragon’s popular "Curse of Strahd”, you can torment your players with the likes of ghouls, zombies, skeletons, and wraiths. Once you fight your way through the rabble, you can again surprise them with the likes of banshees, necromancers, werewolves, and vampires.

With over 1000 reversible terrain pieces, you can turn a forest into a crypt with a simple flip of a card! The possibilities are endless for all your haunted forest, witchy cauldron, and creepy cemetery dreams. Every DM deserves attentive players, and between the full color tiles and multiplicity of uses, you’ll easily keep your players on the edge of their seats, never able to predict what’s next.

Even more conveniently, these built-to-last pieces are all made with heavy duty cardstock, and then fully laminated for a seamless wet or dry erase experience.