Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught: Storyline OP Pack 1 - Ancient Construct

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Build a powerful Ancient Construct with 6 different modes in this exciting 6-week storyline event for Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught! In the first week, players will get the base, "Grappler" version of the highly detailed, pre-painted Construct miniature, with detachable torso, head, and arms, along with its matching dial card. In additional weeks, players will get new ability cards and sets of parts such as heads, arms, or accessories, that they can swap or add to their figure to create a variant matching its new abilities! These variants include Defender, Arbalist, Soldier, Mage, and Apothecary. (A single set allows a player to build one version of the Construct at a time). As they collect pieces, they will play new scenarios featuring the Ancient Construct, and at the end of the storyline, the player with the best record will win an exclusive version of Akanke, the goblin artificer! Each kit is intended for 4 players, and includes 4 complete sets of Ancient Construct parts and components, and one prize figure and components.