Erkenbrand (Foot & Mounted)

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Erkenbrand of the Red Shield is a legend in Rohan, a bold captain whose tireless defence of the Westfold has rescued scores of villages from the torch, and saved countless lives from marauding Orcs.

In this kit you get two models - Erkenbrand on foot, posed with his sword stretched out and his shield at the ready; on the other he sits atop a magnificent warhorse, with his sword raised as if he's about to ride into the thick of battle. Each model comes with elegant robes and ornate chainmail. As well as a plumed helmet he wears leather belts, straps and boots, and carries the Horn of the Hammerhand.

This resin cast kit contains 6 components, a 25mm round base and a 40mm round base with which to make Erkenbrand on foot and mounted.