Fallout: Wasteland Warfare- The Commonwealth Rules Expansion

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Welcome to the Commonwealth! Spanning the rolling hills and scroched forests of the north to the broken coast and its rusting industry in the east. It then sweeps through the decaying urban sprawl of Boston and out into the irradiated wasteland of the glowing sea. The area is home to a wide variety of groups including the fearsome Gunners and the secretive Railroad.

The Gunners are the most organized mercenary group in the Commonwealth, and they've garned a reputation as bloodthirsty, unscrupulous sellswords. They claim to be soldiers for hire, but much of the Commonwealth views them as little better than raiders, a militarized gang of thugs with delusions of grandeur.

The Railroad are the most secretive group active in the Commonwealth. They protect synths and attempt to spirit them away from the Institute, who the Railroad view as nothing more than slavers. Synths, to the Railroad, are the equal of humans and deserve to live freely.

RobCo is responsible for many of the Robots encountered throughout the Wasteland. From ruggedly built and hard working Protectrons to the various models of Mr. Handy including its military and medical support models, you are never far from the chirpy robotic voices of these indispensable metallic helpers.

The Wasteland itself is home to all manner of irradiated wildlife. All the fauna, from domesticated livestock to roaming packs of fierce predators bring risk to any unwary traveller.

These new factions and creatures clash in the largest expansion yet for Wasteland Warfare! This set contains new rules for clashes within the Commonwealth, and an array of new scenarios both linked and standalone, featuring the denizens of the varied area.

This set also features strategy guides and painting guides to help you get your models ready for battle in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

1 Rules Booklet
171 New Cards
‣ 35 Unit Cards
‣ 33 AI Cards
‣ 1 Equipment Card
‣ 15 Leader Cards
‣ 5 Mod Cards
‣ 17 Perk Cards
‣ 3 Power Armor Cards
‣ 14 Quest Cards
‣ 6 Reference Cards
‣ 42 Weapon Cards
Painting Guides for Survivors, the Brotherhood of Steel, and Super Mutants
Gallery of painted models
Scenarios for playing in the Commonwealth Rules for Wasteland Warfare terrain
Unique region rules for locations within the Commonwealth
Strategy guides for playing numerous Wasteland Warfare factions