Fantasy World: Kosmohedron - The Minstrel's Guide to the Multiverse

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The Kosmohedron is a collection of settings for the Fantasy World RPG.

Eight incredible authors, eight unique fantasy worlds!

 • Ananke by Chiara Listo & Guiseppe Vitale (MorgenGabe): A world lives in the light of a false sun to keep the horrors that dwell in the darkness at bay.

 • Hail to the Victorious Dead by Nathan D. Paoletta: A world is coming to terms with too many dead from a terrible war and their problematic return amongst the living.

 • Ardutan by Claudio Serena: A world is rightfully and legitimately ruled by Kobolds, even though no one but the Kobolds seem to think so.

 • Daturalla by Kira Magrann: A world explores the boundaries between human and monstrous, between symbiosis and parasitism, between coexistence and oppression.

 • Scourge by Grant Howitt: A world has learned to fight its horrors with giant constructs of metal and magic.

 • Star Spirits by Genitori di Ruolo: A world is a garden by a lake under the stars.

 • Silika by Alessandro Piroddi & Luca Maiorani: A world is broken, barren, and dangerous like pieces of glass in the sand, but every fragment teems with life and new possibilities.

 • Terrapolis by Marta Palvarina: A world is many worlds made of things forgotten, dreamed, taken by force and let go.

The Kosmohedron is not a book for reading, but for playing: each world is written to become yours, to ask questions and leave the answers to you, to put ideas in your head and let them grow free.

224 pages