Firefly: The Game

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Find A Crew

Travel to different locations, handpicking the best crew and gear. Purchase upgrades to customize your Firefly, readying yourself for the challenges ahead.

Find A Job

Deal with Contacts, reputable or not, to secure desperately needed work and build your reputation as a successful captain. Avoid morally questionable jobs or grab what ever work is offered. You do the job, you get paid.

Keep Flying

Dodge bloodthirsty Reavers and evade Alliance patrols as you navigate the 'Verse, fighting to keep your crew safe and your ship shiny. Rival captains may be looking to hire away your crew or tip off the Alliance to your plans.

Welcome to the 'Verse

4 Ship Cards
6 Story Cards
381 Game Cards
150 Game Money
167 Tokens
2 Dice
6 Plastic Ships
Game Board

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 120 minutes