Fortress Europe (Late War 128p A4 HB)

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Fortress Europe is a 125 page Hardback Army Book, and the first of many Flames Of War army books for the Late War period covering the fighting in Europe and Western Russia in 1944 and 1945. It is a great starting point for players new to the period and those moving from the Mid War period. Fortress Europe covers the big four nations: the Americans, the British, the Germans, and the Soviet Union, and gives you the very different flavour of each army and is a great way to try them all out. Old hands to the Late War period can use Fortress Europe to start playing Version 4 Late-war while they are waiting for their Late-war book to come out.

No matter what your background, Fortress Europe is the place to begin the Late War journey.


• Background on the war in Europe from January 1944 until its end in 1945.

• Build an American M4 Sherman Tank Company, M5 Stuart Tank Company, Tank Destroyer Company, Armored Rifle Company, or Rifle Company.

• Build a German Tiger Tank Company, Panther Tank Company, StuG Assault Gun Battery, Panzer III & IV Mixed Tank Company, Panzergrenadier Company, or Grenadier Company.

• Build a British Sherman Armoured Squadron, Churchill Tank Squadron, Motor Company, or Rifle Company.

• Build a Soviet T-34 or Hero T-34 Tank Battalion, KV Guards HeavyTank Regiment, Churchill Guards Heavy Tank Regiment, M3 Lee Tank Battalion, Hero Motor Rifle Battalion, Motor Rifle Battalion, Hero Rifle Battalion, or Rifle Battalion.