Gloom: Unfortunate Expeditions, 2nd Edition

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Unfortunate Expeditions at a Glance
This expansion adds Expeditions, which are triggered by certain Modifiers and Untimely Deaths.
Contains a total of 55 cards, requires Gloom second edition to play, and adds one player.
Travel Can Be Miserable: More about Unfortunate Expeditions
Travel in sadness with the Unfortunate Expeditions expansion for Gloom second edition.

This 55-card expansion introduces Expeditions to your games. An Expedition triggers with specific Modifiers and Untimely Deaths, and affects everyone.

Will your family sneak through the Secret Jungle of Secrets or dare the perilous geography of the Bermuda Quadrangle? Travel is a game-changer in Unfortunate Expeditions…

This expansion also contains a new family — the Bumpersnoots. Travel in style with Colonel Bumpersnoot, the great white hunter, and Lady Bumpersnoot, the cannibal countess. If you're lucky, you'll be pummeled by pygmies and sautéed by savages. Luck, after all, is subjective.

Unfortunate Expeditions: New Rules
Unfortunate Expeditions Expedition Rings
Set the 4 new Expedition cards aside at the start of the game. When you play a Modifier or Untimely Death with an Expedition ring at lower right, resolve the card's immediate effects first, then place the Expedition of that color in the center of the table.

Only 1 Expedition can be in play at a time, so it replaces any previous Expedition out already. The new Expedition adds a rule that affects all players as long as it's in play.

Some cards also have special effects that trigger if a particular Expedition is already in play.