Gloom: Unhappy Homes, 2nd Edition

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Unhappy Homes at a Glance
This expansion adds a Residence for each family, where Mysteries can occur…and affect the player's Self-Worth score.
Contains a total of 55 cards, requires Gloom second edition to play, and adds one player.
Home is Where the Hate Is
Add a new twist to your Gloom game with Unhappy Homes. Even miserable families need a place to live. This expansion adds Residences for each family. Will you make your bed at Dark's Den of Deformity or wander the dank halls of Castle Slogar?

Unhappy homes

What mysteries lie within your family Residence? Exploit mysterious elements like the Spurious Tricycle or the Menacing Menagerie to change the direction of the game…and the fates of your characters.

This expansion also brings sorrow and sadness to a new family — les artistes of Le Canard Noir. Family members such as Marie Delacroix and Belladonna all await the fickle hand of fate. What woes will betide them? Will they be mangled by mimes or stabbed in the study? Certainly, we hope so.

Unhappy Homes: New Rules
Each family has an associated Residence card. At the start of the game, place your Residence next to your family on the table. Mysteries are the only cards that can be played on Residences; you can't play Modifiers or Untimely Deaths on Residences.

Mystery cards have blue text, and are mixed into the deck. You may place a Mystery on any Residence during your turn as either of your two plays. A Mystery gives a special effect to the owner of the Residence, and its Self-Worth points are added to that player's final Family Value.