Gloom: Unquiet Dead, 2nd Edition

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Unquiet Dead at a Glance
This expansion introduces Undead Characters that count towards scoring but can still receive Modifier and Event cards.
New Story cards offer advantages to the player who controls them…or steals them.
Contains a total of 55 cards and requires Gloom second edition to play.
Unquiet Dead Grave Swag

No Rest for the Wicked: More about Unquiet Dead
The families of Gloom have skeletons in their closets — reanimate them with the Unquiet Dead expansion. Unquiet Dead brings the Undead Modifier to your Gloom game.

Undead Characters count as both living and dead. Play Modifiers on them and count them toward your points. Reanimate relatives, become a bloodsucker, and profit from both with this expansion.

Unquiet Dead also introduces Story cards. The player in possession of a Story card benefits from advantages like extra draws or points, but Story cards can be stolen by other players. Can you keep hold of the Doodle of Dorian Gray or the Icebox of Dr. Caligari? The tale of Gloom will tell…

Unquiet Dead: New Rules
A Story card has green text, and gives an advantage to the player who controls it...but others can steal it!

Before starting the game, put two or more Story cards face up on the table. As either play on your turn, you can take a Story whose requirements you meet and put it near your family, immediately gaining its benefits. Or you can take a Story from another player, but you must also control more Characters with the required icon(s) than the current owner of the Story. Story requirements must be met using at least two Characters, living or dead.

You keep a Story card and its effect even if you lose the required icons; this makes it easier for others to steal it from you.

You can only have one Story card. If you claim a second, put your old one back in the center of the table.