Godtear: Skullbreaker, the Dragon Slayer

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A master hunter earns their tool. Skullbreaker’s dragon jaw blade is as strong a statement as it is a weapon, drawing power-hungry followers to his pack like vultures to carrion. Prove their worth, and they’ll gain a tooth from the fabled blade. Disappoint? Then they’re fated to be bait!
Slayer Skullbreaker is both a Godtear champion and a champion hunter, able to sniff out blood and weakness before finishing prey with his intimidating dragon jaw blade. Watch out for the Tooth Bearers who follow him — they’re desperate to impress and thirsty for glory!
This expansion comes with everything you need to add this bloodthirsty champion and his Tooth Bearer followers to your Godtear warband, including 6 highly detailed miniatures and 3 profile cards.
No assembly needed! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience. All minis are preassembled and coloured according to their champion class. In Skullbreaker’s case, red for a Slayer champion.
Combine this expansion with any Godtear starter set and champions of your choice, and prepare for battle!