Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower

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The Avenger Bolt Thrower is a work of mechanical genius, some say learned from the Dwarves, and completely unique to the forces of Gondor. Able to self-reload and fire multiple bolts in the same amount of time it takes most siege engines to fire one, the Avenger Bolt Thrower is one of the deadliest weapons available to the forces of Gondor. The Bolt Thrower is a sturdy-looking miniature, sculpted as if it is made from both wood and metal. A large crossbow with winching handles set within a supporting frame, it features 2 handles and an array of spikes and studs. It is accompanied by 3 Warriors of Minas Tirith - a loader, firer and captain - in various poses, each wearing heavy armour emblazoned by the White Tree of Gondor.

This resin cast kit contains 7 components and a sprue of 4 25mm round bases with which to make a Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower and 3 crew.