HALO: Ground Command - Deluxe Token Set


Only 2 left!

For those Generals who take warfare to the next level, the Halo: Ground Command Deluxe Token Set contains 45 high-quality tokens in etched, colored acrylic. These include the core game Tokens, along with Objective Tokens, Aerial Entry and Exit Tokens. Also included in the pack are 2 superb ‘Shadow’ Templates that allow players to represent a UNSC Pelican Dropship and Covenant Phantom Dropship on the tabletop.

The Deluxe Token Set contains:

15x Activation Tokens
10x Cooldown Tokens
10x Damage Tokens
6x Objective Tokens
1x Pelican ‘Shadow’ Template
1x Phantom ‘Shadow’ Template
4x Aerial Mission Entry and Exit Tokens