Hungarian Steel Hungarian Booklet + 63 Cards

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The Hungarians joined the war against the Soviet Union in June 1941, first contributing a mobile corps of light tanks, motorised infantry and cavalry. By 1942 they had committed an entire field army of 220,000 men made up of ten divisions in three corps. The freshly raised force was made up of young Hungarian recruits with little combat experience, but they were soon proving themselves in hard fighting on the Don River. They were backed up by the 1st Armoured Field Division who had many veterans of the fighting in 1941.

The booklet also includes a painting guide and handy basing guide to help get you troops on the table.

The booklet comes bundled with Unit Cards (36) and Command Cards (27).

The Command Cards include build cards like the Pioneer Company or Toldi Light Tank Company, unit upgrades like Páncélvadász (discard to give an infantry team AT3 and FP 1+ in an Assault) or Storm over the Don (Infantry Units in this Formation Dig In on a roll of 3+).