Hunter The Reckoning, 5e: Lines Drawn in Blood Sourcebook

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What lines are you willing to cross when you push back against the evil that walks among us? Lines Drawn in Blood presents a series of four stories that can be played individually or linked together to tell an entire chronicle.

Pressure Test: Ghostly incursions are far more than the weight of individual sorrow.
Outsiders: The residents of a small town break an ancient pact and pay the price.
Blur the Lines: Occult symbols at a murder scene drag Hunters into a race against time.
Alone in the Dark: Far from city lights, a nest of monsters pull the strings of a lonely northern town.
At a Glance

A new book for Hunter: The Reckoning, part of the World of Darkness line which includes Vampire: The Masquerade.
4 pre-written stories can stand alone or be linked into one chronicle!
Full-Color Hardcover Book
Story supplement for Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition RPG
Ages: 18+