Infinity: Ariadna - Scout (Ojotnik)

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According to Ariadnesse folklore, Scouts are ghosts in human form, stealthy night predators, that waylay and kill in silence. They are elite long-distance recon units, trained in the Kazak Spetsnaz Shkola (Cossack Spetsnaz School).

As elite observer/recon troops, they are specialists in survival, infiltration, reconnaissance, evasion and clandestine recovery of personnel and material. Their main task is to enter, and get out of, enemy territory without being detected. Scouts can move through the deep forest of Ariadna as silently as a breeze. Their primary job is to control the movnt of the tribes of the alien Antipodes, and observe the beachheads of enemy invasions. But when HQ needs a dirty job done, they do missions of infiltration and sabotage, with the goal of causing maximum damage to the enemy, behind his own lines. Scouts use the trusty Ojotnik, a powerful hunting rifle of large caliber, reminiscent of their ancient job as forest guards. Ojotniks are handmade to fit their owner, and are a status symbol in the Ariadnian society.