Infinity: Combined Army Booster Pack Beta

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The evolved intelligence is the alien AI that leads the Ur Hegemonic Civilization, the most expansive empire in the known universe. Dozens of races and species are under the Aegis of the Ur Hegemonic Civilization, but this is not enough for the EI. Her annexationist tide is based on the power of its Combined Army, a cohesive military force that is an amalgamation of the best units from the different races that make up the Ur Hegemonic Civilization. United under the control of the EI, these units are the most powerful and effective war machine ever seen in the history of the universe.

With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the collection you started with the Shasvastii Action Pack.

Metal components.

1 Special Operative Ko Dali (MULTI Rifle)
1 Victor Messer (Breaker Pistol)
1 Umbra Samaritan Nourkias (Hacker, Vorpal CCW)
3 Round Plastic Bases (25mm)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.