Infinity: Haqqislam - Starter Pack

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Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a smaller power which possesses a single star-system only, Bourak. Separating itself from fundamentalism, Haqqislam bases its culture on an Islam which is humanist, philosophical and in continuous contact with nature. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medicine and planetology in the Human Sphere.

This box includes:

3 Ghulams with Rifle + Light Shotgun, the line infantry of the Haqqislam;
1 Naffatun with Rifle + Light Flamethrower, a sexy soldier equipped with incendiary weapons;
1 Hunzakut with Sniper Rifle, an Irregular guerrilla infiltrator;
1 Janissary with AP Rifle, the tough and reliable Heavy Infantry of the Sword of Allah.

Join the humanistic and philosophical faction of Infinity and protect the search of Knowledge with its army, composed by the most courageous troopers of the whole Human Sphere!