Infinity: Hlokk Station Scenery Expansion Pack

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With this expansion pack you can complement and expand the scenery from your Operation Crimson Stone.

This 3mm cardboard scenery pack, double-sided, includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway and a 24x32 inch paper gaming mat.

2 Small Buildings
‣ 1 Utraco Regional Office
‣ 1 Guild of Independent Prospectors Hlökk Offices
2 Bridges
2 Staircases
1 Console
1 Sniper Tower
1 Objective Room
1 Inner Ladder
1 Inner Walkway
1 Paper Gaming Mat (60 x 80cm / 24" x 32")

Scenery is supplied on printed card stock. Preparation is required.