Infinity: Mercenaries - Joe "Scarface" Turner, TAG Pilot (Light Shotgun)

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Scarface has still some residual reflex issues from his problem with Grade-5, caused by the alteration of his neural synapses by the drug’s effects. His T.A.G. interface does not still just causes sensory trouble for Scarface, but also pain, a constant and dull agony capable of dragging him into madness and death through over-stimulation. The only thing preventing him from dying in the midst of excruciating pain when he is connected to his T.A.G. is the exhaustive work of Cordelia. The young engineer has been able to attenuate his suffering by placing synaptic dampeners and by performing constant maintenance work on the neuroquantronic link of the Ramhorn’s movement replicators. But despite all his problems, Scarface’s combat instinct is still completely intact, which has turned him into one of the most dangerous pilots in the whole Sphere. Now the two siblings form a team. Scarface in the vanguard, running straight at the enemy, with Cordelia behind, the Jiminy Cricket of the duo, always ready to repair things and get her thoughtless elder brother off the hook.