Infinity: Nomads- Meteor Zond

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‘Zond’ was the old Russian name for Unidentified Flying Objects, an apt name for the lightning-fast remotes designed for the Nomad Military Force. Nomads have a long, upstanding tradition of Remote use in military and civilian settings. Corregidor has perfected Remote technology as applied to ship maintenance and EVA tasks. Bakunin engineers make liberal use of Remotes to crash-test new technologies and interfaces, and only bother to find military or commercial applications for the ones that survive the process. The vibrant hacker scene of Tunguska values Remotes as an untraceable method of deployment for support hardware. Stempler Zonds are densely covered in sensors, tracking systems and target acquisition mechanisms. Meteor Zonds have similar features, but their chassis is modified to admit rapid aerial descent and combat jump capabilities. A staple of the on-board security systems of all Nomad ships, Reaktion Zonds are high-mobility armed platforms with top-of-the-line Total Reaction systems. Vertigo Zonds are armed with missile launchers equipped with guided warheads. That means their payload of micro-missiles can traverse the battlefield and vaporize the target even without a direct or parabolic line of fire, thanks to their direct link with a forward observer and with battle control satellites. The elusive Transductor Zonds are designed to provide support for Nomad Tactical Hackers. They are the lightest of all, doing away with weapons to maximize their velocity. Instead of engaging the enemy, these remotes zoom across the battlefield spreading electronic chaos and confusion.