Infinity: PanOceania - Military Order Hospitaller Action Pack

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The Hospital is the most powerful and influential Religious Military Order in PanOceania. Crusaders for faith and country, they are aware that their mission is to always be ready for the call of duty, which always comes at the darkest hour.

Metal components.

11 Miniatures
‣ 1 Knight Hospitaller (Heavy Machine Gun)
‣ 1 Knight Hospitaller (Boarding Shotgun)
‣ 1 Knight Hospitaller (Combi Rifle)
‣ 1 Knight Hospitaller (AP CCW)
‣ 1 Crusader (MULTI Rifle + Light FT)
‣ 1 Spec. Sergeant Hacker (Combi Rifle)
‣ 1 Spec. Sergeant (Combi Rifle)
‣ 1 Order Sergeant (Heavy Rocket Launcher)
‣ 1 Black Friar (MULTI Rifle)
‣ 1 Joan of Arc (AP CCW)
‣ 1 Auxbot
11 Round Plastic Bases (25mm)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.